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Using up-to-date computer technology, Dosersis! offers services that create, edit, format
and print documents. Dosersis! can help you to (re)type, format, structure, edit and
produce documents at any time and give you complete control over your design.

Dosersis! Word Processing service helps you to produce information leaflets,
newsletters, forms, articles, reports, proposals, magazine, books, and other complex
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Your completed documents and/or projects can be sent to you via electronic mail,
uploaded on a protected FTP Server or Web Site, faxed, and/or on a CD, DVD,
We help our clients to focus on their core competences by assisting them in developing
and creating professional presentation.

Whether you are preparing for public speaking, key note address, formal, informal
presentations, our presentation would help you to overcome the stage fright, and to
direct the attention of your audience to the subject under discussion, thereby driving
your points home.
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Be assured that we can add graphics, tables, and charts to your documents to produce
your Intranet and/or  Internet.