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Doser LLC.
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Dosersis Logo
DOSERSIS is dedicated to delivering best-value necessary as well
as sufficient solutions by converging innovative applications of
science, mathematics, computer technology, business management
and education.
  • Our commitment is to exceed our clients' expectations for
    responsiveness, quality and professional excellence while
    delivering within the agreed schedule, specification and cost.
  • We outstandingly strive to design, build, and implement
    software solutions that are the driving force in every business,
    non profit, and government agency, to keep up with evolving
    information technology as it applies to other industries.
  • We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of
    ethical behavior and professional integrity. We work to earn
    our clients' trust and loyalty.
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Current Offering
DOSERSIS is a provider of computing, information systems
development and business solutions and consulting. Some of the
computing services, include but not limited to: Wed Design,
Development and Maintenance; Software Development and
Networking; Multimedia Production and Electronic Image Making;
Database Management System; Spreadsheet Management System;
Data Processing; Graphics Design; and Word Processing.

More so, we help businesses and individual in their Document
(Re)Production, Presentation Preparation and Support, Printing,
Copying and Imaging. We help to Install, Configure and Integrate
Software, Hardware and peripheral devices. We undertake the
Analysis and Design of Information Systems, Data Analysis,
Mathematical Modeling and Scientific and Financial Graphing.

DOSERSIS was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company under
the name Doser LLC in the State of California, USA.