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Dosersis computer information systems and business management consultants design,
build, and implement software solutions that are the driving force in every business,
non profit organization, and government agency. Where available, we analyze existing
systems and discover new ways to optimize their performance.
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Doser LLC.
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We solve strategic business problems by designing
computer based information systems and providing wide
range of
services. Through the application of innovative
competences, we play a vital role in the development,
implementation and administration of technology within
your organizations.

Dosersis helps you in planning, coordinating, and directing
research on the computer related activities of your firm.
Our consultants can help to determine the goals of an
organization and then implement technology to meet those

Dosersis helps you to plan and coordinate activities such
as installing and upgrading hardware and software,
programming and systems design, the implementation of
computer networks, and the development of Internet and
Intranet sites. More so, we are involved with the upkeep,
maintenance, and security of networks.

We develop technical standards, deploy technology, train
and supervise workers deal with the daily information
technology issues of the firm. We help in enforcing  
compliance to required technical standards.
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